Spicy Hotline: Leadership Through the Lens of Parenting


Spicy Hotline: Leadership Through the Lens of Parenting

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There is no doubt that parenting is very difficult. But so is leading a team!

Similar to parenting, “good” leaders will have a positive impact on individuals and society, while less stellar leaders can leave a streak of emotional and performance setbacks that could damage individuals, and consequently, ripple out to society. Using the analogy of parenting as a form of leadership can help us understand and learn more about the developmental psychological process involved in leadership and its impact on individuals’ well being and organizational success.

Similar to parents who protect and guide their children to grow into successful, independent and empowered adults, leaders help their followers grow and become autonomous and competent individuals. Therefore, we can benefit from this analogy by applying the insight gained from “good parent” to our leadership style.


We are providing a platform for our community to come together with their top leadership challenges in their current work experience and consult with Experts on how to navigate them!

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the similarities between the psychological impact of leadership and parenting.
  2. Understand how your leadership styles affect individuals in the workplace and their commitment towards their organization.
  3. Gain insights on whether leaders are born or made.

You can attend our virtual event to contribute directly to the analysis and/or gain insight from the interactive discussion :) Everyone is encouraged to share their diverse experience!


  • Business Owner
  • HR Lead
  • HR Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Learner
  • Team Player

You can also attend anonymously!

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5:00pm-5:05pm: Introduction.

5:05pm-5:15pm: What science says about leadership and parenting.

5:15pm-5:55pm: Panel discussion with our experts.

5:55pm-6:00pm: Jalapeño will provide Thank You gifts, marking the end of the session.