Building High Performing Teams Workshop Series

Jalapeno and Supporting Champion have joined forces to offer a unique workshop series with the expert Dr. Steve Ingham.

This workshop on team resiliency and high performing leaders will outline a number of perspectives, activities and actions that enable team performance to increase. Delegates will be challenged to review their own performance and how they might be able to better adapt their practice to enable the team effort.

Who We Are

Jalapeño Employee Engagement helps you grow your people to grow your business. With our unique combination of Technology and Professional Services, you and your team will achieve desired results effectively and efficiently.

Supporting Champions is a consultancy that aims to harness high performance know-how from 'supporting champions' to help achieve your goals. We will help you set your sights high, help you understand your world and your priorities and help you deploy your resources to help you achieve your ambitions.

Learning Outcomes

It may surprise you to hear but all high performers have major setbacks. All of them! Even the ones that turn up time and time again and win. We know that the best athletes and teams have resilience - but did you know that the actions, habits and behaviours that enable resilience can all be learned. Especially in the current COVID pandemic and remote working, teams are looking to learn how to best weather the ups and downs and to make progress for tomorrow.

With the high performance insight that Dr. Steve Ingham has gained over the years, he will train you to talk about his ambition of bringing performance know-how to help people achieve their goals by helping them understand their world and priorities.

Workshop Components

We believe in building and educating the community and providing useful resources to them. Here are some learning outcomes that you will be able to take away at the end of this workshop series:

Module 1. Team Resilience: Four simple techniques to handle the ups and downs

Learning objectives

  • Recognize what resilience is and how it underpins performance and team well-being
  • Identify the characteristics of organizations that display higher resilience
  • Undertake proven activities that can enable personal and team resilience

Module 2. Why teams underperform and others overperform

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics that corrode team performance
  • Understand why teams pull apart under pressure and challenge
  • Understand and work with perspectives that enable higher level team performance

Module 3. Leadership in high performing teams and what this requires of you

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize why the leaders' role and responsibility to upholding team behaviours is pivotal to team function
  • Understand the tensions that all leaders have to balance to harness a team's capability
  • Undertake activities to develop the skill of dealing with conflict and difficult situations.

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Our Instructor

Steve Ingham : Dr. Steve Ingham is steeped in high performance and has been integral to the development of Britain into an Olympic superpower. He has provided support to over 1,000 athletes, of which over 200 have achieved World or Olympic medal success, including some of the world’s greatest athletes, such as Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Steve Redgrave and Sir Matthew Pinsent. Steve has coached Kelly Sotherton’s running for heptathlon and to 4x400m Olympic medal winning success.

Steve has gained high performance insight working at the British Olympic Association from 1998 to 2004, where he was Senior Sports Physiologist and Sports Science Manager, and at the English Institute of Sport from 2004 to 2016 where he was Head of Physiology and latterly the Director of Science and Technical Development, leading a team of 200 scientists in support of Team GB and Paralympics GB. Steve holds a BSc, PhD and is a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Steve is the author of the bestselling “How to Support a Champion – The art of applying science to the elite athlete”, discussing and inspiring the importance of learning and adapting to reach our maximum potential. Steve established Supporting Champions with the ambition of bringing performance know-how to help people achieve their goals.


Module 1. Team Resilience: Four simple techniques to handle the ups and downs

March 10,2021


Module 2. Why teams underperform and others overperform

March 17,2021


Module 3.Leadership in high performing teams and what this requires of you

March 24, 2021


You Should Specially Attend If You Are

  • Business Owner
  • HR Lead
  • HR Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Learner
  • Team Player

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